• semestre de verano (5 Credito)
  • Semestre de primavera (25 Credito)
  • semestre de otoño (25 Credito)
  • Libro de los Proverbios 1 Creditos
  • May 1    2015 Sesion de verano comienza
  • Jan 1    2015 semestre de otono comienza
  • OTONO ( 25 creditos )
  • PRIMAVERA ( 25 creditos )
  • VERANO ( 5 creditos)
  • Los oradores


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    Software Engineering:

    Junior level Software / Web Developer

    Video, Audio & Lighting:

    Camera Handler & Videographer

    Sales & Marketing:

    Entry Level Sales Specialist

    Media & Press Relations:

    Entry level ..Publicist & Advertizing